Real workplace obstacles designed to test and demonstrate the applicant skills 


Each event is targeting a specific skill/framework/programming language

Qualified Candidates

We go through thousands of CVs online and offline to select the most fit

Same day hire

Our hire success rate is 99% each event is between 4-6 hours

Realistic Assessment

See how applicants collaborate with others professionals to complete tasks


That missing element that could not be conveyed through resumes

Hire in A day.

How it works?

HireUps is an initiative by PanX Project, read more

Designing a challenge

Vacancy is advertised

CVs are filtered

Initial assessment

Conducting interviews

Inviting qualified applicants


Challenge announcement

10-30 qualified applicants

Demo & showcase


You get all resumes and attendees projects

Strengthening promising applicants’ skills by giving them accredited courses

Welcome your newest team member!

We got you!

Post Your Vacancy

Advertise your job for free!

Custom HR Solution

Tailor a solution that works for you!

Dedicated Recruiter

When you want to hire not CVs!