Resumes don't speak, people do

To reshape the way employers and the workforce interact we started with the basics. First we registered Panx Project Limited in London, August 2017. Later that year, released a free job board/professional networking site. That was the beginning!

The job market globally has massive room for improvement. Employers reported that: 85% of applicants received were unqualified, 62% made a wrong hire and time-to-hire was a 1.5-2 months. In Egypt alone there are 3.4 Million currently unemployed. (NFIB, 2017)(CAPMASIn January 2018, we started operating in Cairo and launched a job search engine. Today our clients are able to hire in 1 day-2 weeks!

And the 85% unqualified workforce?

We didn’t ignore it, in May 2018 we launched HireUps©; A social initiative to equip the labor force with globally in-demand skills.

Is this the only issue facing the job market?

Due to this page’s capacity and for your sake we won’t mention them all! Egypt currently has a 80/20 male-to-female gender gap ratio in the workplace. Which is why we are working on She Codes© to sponsor the education of women and help them land a career.


We are pursuing new ways to solve the problems facing the current job marketplace.  Harnessing ideas that creates a skilled workforce and cultivates workplace efficiency.

Join us, make human resources human.


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